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ALMAZ Oifield Service is preparing new personnel

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ALMAZ-Nefteservice has been working closely with students of the Raduzhny Polytechnic College all autumn.

Meetings of representatives of the plant with the guys have already been held within the walls of the educational institution, and excursions to the enterprise itself have been conducted.

Director General Aliev Maxim Igorevich told the future young specialists about the prospects for the development of ALMAZ-Nefteservice, about providing paid internship for students, as well as about the opportunity to start a career as a production worker at the enterprise.

As a result of the meeting, 63 students expressed a desire to visit the plant with an excursion and get to know the production processes better.

The students arrived at the territory of ALMAZ Oilfield Service, underwent the necessary safety instruction, deputy head of the main production shop Vasily Dubovets told the students about the eventful and long history of the plant, then conducted a tour of the main production workshop, showed them the workplaces of a repairman, a quality engineer, a painter, an electric winder, a slinger, as well as their work duties. Then the tour moved to the cable manufacturing workshop, where the students were shown the production areas for: drawing, extrusion, armor winding, assembly of cable extensions and wire windings.    

The next goal of the tour was the mechanical and tool shop. The Shop Manager, Sergey Nazarov, explained the principle of operation for stamping equipment, showed how telemetry systems are made, allowed to look at and study a freshly manufactured rubber product.

The final destination of the tour was the metalworking workshop. The Shop Manager, Ekaterina Anikina, demonstrated the pride of the workshop – a section of universal lathes, universal mills, cutting-off and CNC machines. But other areas turned out to be just as interesting: blank section, drilling, grinding, welding, phosphatizing sections, etc. Students had a unique opportunity to see machine tool professionals at work, to touch the parts and machines themselves. Of course, such vivid impressions will remain with them for a long time.

After the excursion to the enterprise, many students shared that they now consider ALMAZ Oilfield Service as a place of their future employment, a significant part of the students decided to take a paid internship at the plant. And at the end of October, the first group of students comprising 11 people started their internship, 3 of them have already been hired for a permanent job.