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Based on the plans outlined by the Customer to replace the existing contractor under the ESP service contract, we prepared an acceptable technical and commercial proposal, a roadmap justifying the capabilities of the enterprise and a description of the capacities and resources available to solve the problem.

The total scope of maintenance amounted to 2,250 wells, the mobilization period for the project from the moment of legal confirmation of the agreements was 10 days.

Experience of working with a customer with strict requirements in terms of quality of services and occupational safety.

Project progress, chronology,
number of employees involved

  • 10марта, 2022

    The customer proposed to submit a resources-and-roadmap-based quotation for the maintenance and repair of the ESPs and cable lines of the Pravdinskoye and Prirazlomnoye fields.

  • 20марта, 2022

    The quotation and the roadmap were successfully presented to the Customer, a summary record of joint actions for the implementation of the Project was prepared.

  • 01апреля, 2022

    Without affecting the current activities of the customer, the work of field personnel at the Customer's well stock with the involvement of 150 employees was ensured.

  • 01апреля, 2022

    The work of subcontractors for the provision of specialized transport services on the customer's well stock was ensured. Work began on the repair of ESPs and cable lines at the plant located in Raduzhny and the cable shop located in Nefteyugansk.

  • 10апреля, 2022

    Work began on the mobilization of the Repair and Maintenance Base in the settlement Poykovsky with a production area of more than 5 thousand sq. m.

  • 01июля, 2022

    The customer's cable lines maintenance workshop was launched at the new maintenance base in Poykovsky village, the headcount of the workshop is 50 employees.

  • 01сентября, 2022

    The mobilization, equipping and staffing of the autonomous maintenance base for the Project was completed. The total headcount of personnel at the base is 200 employees.

  • 06марта, 2023

    Full replacement of the work of a subcontractor providing passenger transport for moving employees around the fields. Cooperation with the customer is fixed for a period up to 01.01.2026

Project results in numbers

Well maintenance
Autonomous base for service repair and maintenance of ESPs, equipped with all necessary repair and diagnostic equipment.
5 thousand sq.m
of production areas
Plus the ability to repair 8 ESP packages per day.
A significant reserve of personnel and process equipment was formed for the implementation of new projects.

The plant allocated a separate structure to provide service maintenance,
which included key operational services: Production Technology Department, Central Process Engineering Function,
Quality Control Function. The headcount of operational services was increased by 3 times.

  • Team at the enterprise that is ready to mobilize for the project in the shortest possible time, having the appropriate experience
  • Experience and effective use of mass recruitment technologies, 80% ready fund of service equipment for equipping an autonomous production base
  • Availability and possibility of using the plant's facilities for temporary arrangement of ESP repairs

Downtime related to waiting for ESP equipment shorter by 8 times compared to the start of work and by 3 times compared to the previous contractor.