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Solids separators

It is designed to separate solids (sand, sludge) from the reservoir fluid at the pump inlet.

Description of identifiers

The structure of the identifier for a solids separator manufactured by Almaz Oilfield Service LLC in a separate order, correspondence and other documentation:

solids separator

due to the continuous improvement of products, the identification may differ slightly, at the same time the identification shall be adopted in accordance with the product passport. More detailed information can be clarified by contacting our specialists.

Components list of separators for solids

SMP identifier D, mm (separator size) D1, mm (outer diameter of the sealing ring) D2, mm (outer diameter of the disconnector centralizer)
diameter of the disconnector centralizer)
L, мм
СМП73-102-80 73 94 80  
СМП73-114-92 110 92
СМП73-120-98 115 98
СМП89-140-118 89 136 118 2500
СМП89-146-125 142 125
СМП89-168-145 160 145