ALMAZ Oilfield Service

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ESPs rent / lease

Currently, ALMAZ Oilfield Service provides equipment lease for more than 2,500 wells

ESPs rent / lease is a scheme of work in which the Customer does not just lease the electric submersible (screw) pumps with one-time maintenance operations, but also receives comprehensive maintenance of equipment from ALMAZ Oilfield Service, an all-in-one solution to specific tasks during the ESPs operation.

ESPs are rented / leased mainly at a complicated well stock to ensure the stable operation of equipment with a flexibly selected configuration. Usually, wear-resistant pumps, electrical parts of the required heat resistance, additional equipment as part of the ESPs are used to combat the effects of associated gas, solids and salts.


There are no capital costs for the ESPs

There is no need to pay large amounts for the purchase of equipment, and the accrual of monetary amounts occurs based on the actual working hours in days of equipment lowered into wells (report at the end of the current month)

Flexible replacement of units

Equipment that is necessary in a particular case can be leased, taking into account the dynamic changes in downhole conditions (by performance groups, capacity, pressure, installation length, specially selected), but not the equipment that was purchased at least six months before the actual need, and that is possibly unsuitable for a specific well

Always a fully suitable ESP unit

The equipment is always provided assembled (repaired) for a specific request, the testing time does not exceed 1-10 days, the equipment can be adjusted together with ALMAZ Oilfield Service

It is possible to lease in parts

It is possible to lease individual assemblies of the ESP units (gas separator, temperature and pressure measurement system, or other)


The acquisition of such equipment at the right time and in the right amount requires large investments even for a large oil company, and the achievement of the required operating time is not yet guaranteed. Rent / lease of ESPs with ALMAZ Oilfield Service gives the Customer the maximum increase in the operating time of submersible equipment and the opportunity to get the desired result regardless of complications, investing only in the actual result.

Rent / lease of ESPs with ALMAZ Oilfield Service is the best choice for the Customer when working on a challenging, often repaired well stock, it is well suited not only for small and medium-sized oil-producing businesses, but also for large oil companies.

With this scheme of work, a fair division of risks is achieved between the Customer and ALMAZ Oilfield Service. It is possible to lease equipment as a complete unit (including the following assemblies: submersible electric motor, electric submersible pump, protector, inlet (pump) module, temperature and pressure measurement system, cable products and other equipment) or as separate assemblies (based on the Customer's needs).