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Electric submersible pump unit

A wide range of manufactured units makes it possible to solve a large spectrum of tasks

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Protector diaphragms<br><br><br>

Protector diaphragms

ESP impeller

ESP impeller

ESP motor stator and rotor lamination

ESP motor stator and rotor lamination

Electric submersible pumps consist of components and parts that are 95% manufactured using the capacities of ALMAZ Oilfield Service.

The maximum localization of component production allows us to control quality at all stages of assembly from each part to a complete unit.

The design of components and accessories developed and improved over the years, applied in various operating conditions, ensures long-term trouble-free operation of the unit. Multi-stage quality control of the equipment is carried out on our own test benches.

The mean time between failures exceeds 740 days.

The units allow pumping out reservoir fluid with a capacity of 15 to 2500 m3/day in wells up to 3,800 meters deep.

For critical needs, we offer effective solutions that go beyond the standard configuration of the ESP:

  • AC motors
  • Additional equipment for operation in a challenging well stock: salt deposition, solids, high gas-oil ratio
  • Small-sized high-speed ESPs for side wells
  • Units for reservoir pressure maintenance

The manufactured units are maximally unified with national plants, which makes it possible to service them at any maintenance bases for electric submersible units, it is possible to manufacture them with adaptation to imported units.