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Additional modules

They are designed to offset the axis of ESP shaft rotation relative to the axis of electric motor rotor rotation in order to reduce the width of the submersible unit.


The displacement of the axes occurs due to the eccentric arrangement of the flange at the base of the module relative to the mounting hole of the additional module head and is directed in the opposite direction from the extension cable fixed along the electric pump unit. The torque is transmitted by a system of couplings, special shafts and bearings. The module is installed between the electric motor and the protector, the mounting and connection dimensions allow the module to be used with standard equipment without modification.

Submersible units in a complete set with additional modules

Pump size Electric motor housing
 diameter, mm
Cross dimension of the submersible unit, mm
Identifier Housing diameter, mm In the standard
In configuration with additional modules
69 81 86,9 81
5 92 117 120,5 117
103 117 125,8 121,4