ALMAZ Oilfield Service

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Address of the General Director

ALMAZ ‑Oilfield Service, Limited Liability Company, being one of the most high-tech businesses in the structure of the parent holding and occupying a leading position in the production of serial submersible package equipment for oil production, as well as the provision of services for the repair and lease of oil submersible equipment,

is fully aware of its responsibility for ensuring trouble-free production activities and for creating safe working conditions for employees.

Генеральный директор

The priority direction of the ALMAZ Oilfield Service policy

is to preserve the life and health of employees in the course of their work, as well as to ensure safe working conditions, manage the risks of occupational injuries and occupational morbidity

Приоритетным направлением политики нашей Компании

We care about people and their safety.
This is our top priority.

Our goal

To become a company with zero injury rate, so that every day we all come home safe and sound

Basic principles

  • Preserving the life and health of our employees in the course of their work
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Involvement of all employees in occupational safety and health issues
  • Risk management
  • Continuous improvement

Experienced employees of ALMAZ Oilfield Service and even those who are new to our company: everyone can and should contribute to general safety

  • Please pay special attention to the requirements of policies and procedures, use the necessary personal protective equipment and follow the instructions of all safety signs on the territory of the plant
  • If there are any doubts about the safety of the tasks assigned to you, apply the principle of "TAKE A BREAK. ASSESS THE RISKS. DO THE JOB SAFELY", to assess the situation and stay safe
  • Besides, every person on the territory of ALMAZ Oilfield Service LLC – whether it be a manager, employee or visitor – has the right to stop any unsafe actions at any time on any site.

Thank you for helping us maintain safety. Safety is above all!

Архипов Дмитрий Петрович

General Director

Taking care of families

A program of occupational safety measures with the participation of employees' families, because family is the most important thing. It is a joy to see families and children at our plants. They study safety rules and have fun together. Such events remind us that there are people who love us and need us, and therefore we should not risk our lives.

The work on occupational safety at ALMAZ Oilfield Service LLC is entirely related to the protection of our employees and their families. This is a very specific and critical task. What if you never come home from work? How will your family live without you? These are complex issues that require serious attitude. We are surrounded by dangers everywhere, and none of us is immune, it does not matter where the work is being done and what tasks are being performed. Therefore, the task of each of us is to find an opportunity and contribute to the development of our safety culture.

Taking care of families

Everyone can
stop working

Not everyone understands the principle of STOPPING WORK, and many are sure that the permission of the management is required first. It should be 100% clear: if there are doubts about safety, anyone can stop work on any site. This is not just a slogan that we have hung on the wall.

Каждый может остановить работу

As leaders in the field of occupational safety, we also support the development of our employees through the exchange of ideas and best practices. Every day, leaders set the tone for our safety culture. Many have the right focus and show a good example, others do not. It is expected that managers at any level should demonstrate active and visible leadership in the field of occupational safety.

We have different paths to follow in case they don't want to or can't do it!

Zero injuries

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a culture of zero injury

and, to achieve this goal, we need the active participation of everyone. Use your talents, change the world for the better, be open to new ideas. And above all, trust your inner voice. If, in your opinion, security rules are violated, immediately intervene and talk about it. Don't pass by.

We strive to ensure that we do not have incidents that lead to the death of people and bring grief to the families, and it is difficult to imagine a more difficult task. But if we work on it together, we will achieve our goal.

Кривая развития культуры безопасности
Кривая развития культуры безопасности

  • The highest level of injuries and the lowest productivity occur at the first stage, "Natural instincts", where there is no control. In such companies, employees decide for themselves how to act based on their own attitudes — experience and instincts.
  • At the second stage, "Supervision", management appears in the form of inspections. There is already punishment and training here. The level of incidents is significantly reduced. Experience shows that the overwhelming majority of companies are at this stage of industrial safety development.
  • The third stage, "Self", is characterized by the fact that people's behavior is determined by their own consciousness, commitment to safety and concern for their own health. The injury rate decreases.
  • The fourth stage, "Team", is the most progressive and is observed in global companies. This is a team organization of work. Safe behavior is based on shared goals and values, caring for other team members. It is with this approach that the injury rate is the lowest and tends to zero.

Safety pyramid

Displays the current status in ALMAZ Oilfield Service
in relation to less significant indicators

2Number of day without incidents


Fatal accident


Disabling accident


Near Missincident without consequences


Micro injury


Accidents investigated






Work stoppage


Dangerous conditions


Safety talks

Principle of 3 steps

Safety starts with you

An incident-free safety culture starts with everyone's personal commitment. First of all, keep safety issues in mind and use the principle of "TAKE A BREAK. ASSESS THE RISKS. DO THE JOB SAFELY." to assess the situation before performing any type of work or when conditions change. These three simple steps can save your life.

  1. Take a break

    TAKE A BREAK and assess the situation before starting work or when working conditions change.

  2. Assess the risks

    ASSESS THE RISKS in the upcoming work and its safe execution. Identify the hazards and take the necessary measures to eliminate or control them.

  3. Do the job safely

    DO THE JOB SAFELY, protecting yourself and others. Observe the occupational safety rules, existing procedures and use the necessary personal protective equipment.

Principle of 3 steps

And remember, if work has become unsafe or working conditions have changed – stop working to protect yourself and others.

Your safety is the MOST important thing

What is
5 Whys Method?

5 Whys Method in ALMAZ Oilfield Service is the process of consistently asking Why questions to find out the root cause of the problem

How does it work?

Each answer to the question serves as the basis for the next question, the answer to the fifth question is the root cause of the problem. This approach allows you to indicate how minor problems are related to the cause and effect chain and affect the main problem.

For more serious incidents, such as a light, severe and fatal accident, ALMAZ Oilfield Service uses the RCA method, which allows determining not only the condition under which the accident occurred, but also taking into account the human factor and the actions of employees that led to undesirable consequences.

5 Whys analysis

Why did the technician slip?

AnswerThere was a leak near the car

Why was there an oil leak?

AnswerThe seal in the car has worn out

Why has the seal worn out?

AnswerThe seal was not strong enough to be used on this equipment

Why was the seal not strong?

AnswerA cheap seal was ordered

Why was a cheap seal ordered?

AnswerThere is no information about the required type of seal in the equipment manual

This method is used in ALMAZ Oilfield Service in the investigation of micro injuries and near-miss cases

Behavioral safety audit involves monitoring the behavior of an employee as part of the performance of a work assignment

Goals of behavioral audit in ALMAZ Oilfield Service

Proper checks will allow us to meet such challenges

  • Identification and immediate termination of activities capable of provoking a dangerous situation
  • Singling out and encouraging employees who actively fulfill the requirements of the life and health preservation system
  • Determining the reasons for neglecting safety rules when performing production tasks (lack of briefings, ignorance of the rules, randomness or other factors);
  • Analysis of the activities of those responsible for the occupational safety and the effectiveness of the measures taken
  • Support of the current regulations aimed at the absence of accidents and incidents
  • Work with accepted standards in order to identify weak spots and correct them
  • Motivation and awareness-raising of employees to issues of occupational safety, fire and industrial safety, environmental protection
  • Involvement of managers and employees in the processes of ensuring safe work processes, prevention of emergency situations and risk management
  • A clear definition of safe behavior and compliance with the adopted procedures as the only correct ones to ensure work processes