ALMAZ Oilfield Service

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Trust service

ALMAZ Oilfield Service has a function that helps identify and prevent cases of unethical actions on the part of the enterprise's contractors and employees

If you are aware of violations in ALMAZ Oilfield Service, please report it through this form:

The trust service accepts
messages about:

  • illegal appropriation of assets of ALMAZ Oilfield Service;
  • fraud in the procurement of goods, works and services;
  • fraud in the sale of products to customers;
  • bribery and corruption;
  • unfair actions committed by contractors of ALMAZ Oilfield Service;
  • manipulation of accounting, warehouse, production accounting data;
  • in cases of conflict of interest among ALMAZ Oilfield Service employees;
  • actions of employees contrary to the ALMAZ Oilfield Service Code of Corporate Ethics,
    unfair actions in the field of personnel management;
  • cases of disclosure of trade secrets;
  • other actions that may lead to financial and/or reputational damage to ALMAZ Oilfield Service.

Not subject to

  • mass mailings or advertising messages (spam);
  • requests containing unreadable characters;
  • appeals concerning personnel employment;
  • appeals concerning the receipt of confidential information;
  • appeals that are not related to the sphere of activity and competence of ALMAZ Oilfield Service.