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Gas stabilizers

They are designed to increase the density of the gas-liquid mixture, thereby ensuring stable operation of the pump.

Description of identifiers

The structure of the pump module identifier in orders, correspondence and in other documentation:

no letter
working rotation of the shaft is right (serial)
working rotation of the shaft is left (only at the request of the customer)

due to the continuous improvement of products, the identification may differ slightly, at the same time the identification shall be adopted in accordance with the product passport. More detailed information can be clarified by contacting our specialists.

Gas stabilizer pump module

Name size ESP capacity, m³/day Shaft diameter, mm Weight, kg Installation length, mm Power consumption, kW, max Transmitted power, kW Maximum free gas content, %, min
МНСГР(И)(К) 2А.1-100 2А.1 15-100 12,8 13,7 684 1,1 до 120 0,55