ALMAZ Oilfield Service

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Cable repair and reconstruction

ALMAZ Oilfield Service provides services for the repair and reconstruction of decommissioned submersible cables with a change in grade and heat resistance

When operating wells, the Customer may face the problem of decommissioning the submersible cables and their subsequent disposal or storage. At the same time, scrapping the cable brings non-essential funds for business. Storing an unusable cable is all the more unprofitable.

ALMAZ Oilfield Service repairs submersible cables and performs a full technological cycle of recycling the Customer's used cable: stripping, remelting of the electrical conductor, drawing, application of cover materials, winding and testing of a new cable. Thus, you will not only solve economic issues and issues of freeing up space from under the decommissioned cable, but also will avoid possible misappropriation.


Cost savings

It allows you to get a repaired, reconstructed cable significantly cheaper than buying a new one

Freeing up space

It allows you to save space for storing used cables

Help to procurement

Fast results, fewer orders of new cable products will allow the Customer's procurement service to devote its time to more pressing issues


The reconstruction process includes:

  • removal of old armor tape;
  • removal of insulation layers from a copper core;
  • winding of a copper core on split drums;
  • remelting of a copper core in a melting furnace with the addition of new copper cathodes;
  • drawing, annealing of the core;
  • extrusion (application of insulation) of the core;
  • cable armoring.

The reconstruction and repair of the cables will help avoid the risks associated with changes in the cost of copper, the US dollar in the process of concluding a contract for the purchase of new cables. Upgrading a submersible cable is a good way to optimize capital investment costs