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Taking into account the legal and process risks of the Customer when working with the previous Contractor, our company made a market-based and mutually beneficial offer in accordance with the existing technical assignment. The total maintenance stock amounted to 1,350 wells with a step-by-step commissioning of 60 ESP packages per month. The task was to prepare the necessary number of ESPs and cable lines for installation in a short time and maintain the current indicators for the mean time between failures.

Project progress, chronology,
number of employees involved

  • 01июля, 2022

    The current Contractor refuses to fulfill its obligations.

  • 09июля, 2022

    Signing of the contract for the service maintenance and leasing of ESPs with ALMAZ Oilfield Service LLC

Project results in numbers

Wells under service maintenance at the enterprise
Wells with leased equipment

We used the possibility of servicing the ESP stock directly from the production site of the enterprise without mobilization measures and costs, while maintaining the possibility of servicing the customer's well stock directly from the production base within a radius of up to 500 km from Raduzhny (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District) in the quantity of up to 3 thousand wells.