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submersible pumps

Electric submersible pumps are used as part of electric submersible pump units for movement of reservoir fluid under pressure. 

The following pumps can be supplied:

  • Sizes: 2A, 3, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, 6.B; 8
  • Purpose: conventional, booster pumps and pumps for reservoir pressure maintenance systems (reversible)
  • Capacity: from 15 m3/day to 2,500 m3/day
  • Head: up to 3,800 m
  • Section length: 2; 3; 3,5; 4; 4,5; 5 m; 5.5; 6 m
  • Design: supported or unsupported (support in the protector)
  • Stage design: single-support, single-support with an elongated hub or double-support, open type.
  • Assembly type: assembly with floating stages, batch-type or compression-type
  • Reservoir fluid temperature: conventional 110 °C, heat-resistant 135 °C,
    or extra heat-resistant temperature version 170 °C
  • Wear resistance (material of stages): they can be equipped with stages
    (working bodies) made of cast iron, Ni-resist type I, Ni-resist type IV,
    powder pseudo-alloys, high-alloy powder alloy,
    stainless steels and other alternative materials
  • Corrosion resistance: conventional or corrosion-resistant (K) design
  • Type of spline shaft design:
     straight spline or involute spline connection
  • Connection: with six-, eight-
     and ten-point design
     (thread pitch may vary from the customer's request)
  • Connection type:
     housing-flange or flange-flange

Description of identifiers

The structure of the pump identifier in orders, correspondence and in other documentation
prepared by Almaz Oilfield Service LLC:

series 3208 TU 3665-015-27385465-2017

working rotation of the shaft is left (only at the request of the customer; except for pumps of reversed type)
no letter
working rotation of the shaft is right (serial)