ALMAZ Oilfield Service

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Comprehensive ESP service maintenance

Currently, ALMAZ Oilfield Service performs maintenance of more than 5,000 wells

The service bases of ALMAZ Oilfield Service provide a full range of services for maintenance of wells with ESPs: from the selection of equipment according to the well parameters to the repair and overhaul of all units for electric submersible pumps. The basis of the company's approach to the ESP maintenance is not the performance of selective maintenance operations, but the most complete integrated solution to the most complex tasks of the Customer. ALMAZ Oilfield Service has a more than 30-year history of increasing operating hours on various complicated well stocks. 

During this time, successful experience has been accumulated in the implementation of ESPs, even in fields with a "bad" history of transferring wells to ESP units.

The focus on the growth of the ESP operating hours with each project, huge practical observation experience, readiness to apply ESPs even in the most difficult operating conditions allow ALMAZ Oilfield Service to confidently occupy a significant share in the market of oilfield services.




Average operating time is 740 days

Increase in operating time due to reliable proven equipment and its competent selection

Up to 90% success rate of implementing ESPs on a well stock with a "bad" history

Decision–making with the help of competencies acquired over the years at the junction of disciplines in oil production – taking into account the technical features of equipment, unique geology, and other parameters of well operation

Integrated approach

We view the Customer's tasks not as a single point, but entirely, taking into account the consequences of the decisions taken, while remaining within the framework of the overall designated goal

ALMAZ Oilfield Service provides a full range of services for maintenance of wells with ESPs.

Depending on the needs of the Customer, the work may include:

  • Selection/verification of the equipment configuration correctness as part of the unit for wells with different operating conditions, preparation of the operational passport;
  • Analysis of data on ESP operation, with recommendations for optimization and the longest possible operation;
  • Installation/dismantling of the Customer's equipment and its transportation;
  • Unloading operations and moving of equipment for the acceptance control;
  • Acceptance control of the equipment purchased by the Customer (submersible electric motor, electric submersible pump, protector, inlet (pump) module, temperature and pressure measurement system, cable products and other equipment) from various manufacturers to check for compliance with the requirements (customer's technical requirements, manufacturer's specifications, GOSTs and other regulatory documentation);
  • Replacement of oil, preservation fluid, and other materials;
  • Unloading at the field, pre-installation preparation;
  • Supervision, operational supervision;
  • Start-up, bringing ESPs to the operating conditions;
  • Execution of requests for unit maintenance during the operation of the unit;
  • Participation in the confirmation of the unit failure before pull-out-of-hole operations;
  • Inspection of failed equipment during dismounting;
  • Unloading operations and moving of equipment for outside washing;
  • Washing, disassembly and fault detection of failed equipment;
  • Establishing the reason for the unit failure;
  • Preparation of a flaw detection list for assemblies (if necessary, together with representatives of the Customer or an independent company), a component list (for replaceable materials and assemblies), determination of the recommended equipment status for assemblies (audit, maintenance, overhaul, write-off, or other), then coordination of the cost of work (if necessary) with the Customer;
  • Provision of necessary supporting documents to the Customer;
  • Audit, maintenance, overhaul, write-off, according to the status previously determined with Customer;
  • Acceptance bench tests confirming the quality of repair, and preparation of technical documentation;
  • Consultations and training of the Customer's employees on working with the ESPs;
  • Monthly reporting.

Taking into account its considerable work experience with equipment of various manufacturers, ALMAZ Oilfield Service can offer a wide range of services.

The warranty for the equipment is established in accordance with the requirements specified in the relevant contract and based on the reliability of the components indicated by the manufacturers.